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I am Rahul Sharma, born is Shimla(India). I am a BBA Graduate, HCL Certified Network engineer and a computer geek. Frankly, I was never a bright student and didn’t even liked computers as a subject in school. But that was a long time ago, and  when I got my first PC, I soon became extremely passionate to learn everything about it.  I even wrote a blog on computer tweaks. In 2010 I went to Delhi and joined a Networking Course  at HCL. During my time in Delhi I worked in BPO’s which was a good learning experience. Now I live in my hometown Shimla and am currently working on Affiliate marketing and blogging.

When I firstly decided to start this blog, choosing a niche was the main question in my mind. Being a computer geek, technology would be an obvious choice however I was truly inspired by sites like Wikipedia and Wikihow where different niches go hand in hand. I wanted to write about many things that I was interested in and so I came up with the concept of Knowledge + Entertainment. The name Webologypedia (as you can guess)  is a combination of Web + ology(which means a branch of knowledge) + pedia(derived from Wikipedia).  I hope I will be able to keep this blog interesting enough so the readers enjoy their time here and get some useful information.

You can connect with me at Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus

Latest Projects: Being Himalayan - A travel company dealing in Himachal tour packages, providing hotels, transport and customized tour and trips. 

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