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Monday, 19 August 2013

10 Cool things you can do with Google.

Google definitely is the best website in the world. It is mostly used as an entry point to the internet by most users. Apart from just searching for stuff, Google has developed various tools that are extremely helpful. Some of them are below: 

  1. Check the weather: You can check the Weather for any place in the world by simply writing "weather" and the name of the place (both without any quotes would do). webologypedia.blogspot.com 
  2. Use it as a CALCULATOR: Just write the calculation in the search box and Google will provide a result along with a clickable calculator.webologypedia.blogspot.com
  3. Convert the currency: First write the name of the currency you want to convert  "to" and the currency in which you need to convert it.webologypedia.blogspot.com 
  4. Time for any location: You can type "time" followed by location name to see the time in that particular location.
  5.   Tracking the Status of Flights: Status of  flights can also be checked instantly by  entering the   flight name in Google. 
6. Stock information: To check the price and  history of a stock you just need to enter  the symbol of the stock in Google.
7. Definitions of words: You can find the definition of any word on Google. Simply  write Define followed by the word name. 
 8.  Find your IP Address: If you want to know your IP address, you can type "my IP" in Google and it would show your IP Address.
9.Sunrise and Sunset Time: To check the Sunset and Sunrise time you can write Sunset location or Sunrise location and Google will show the exact time for Sunrise and Sunset.
10.  Population for any Country: In some countries you can check other data like population of a city,employment rates etc also.To check the Population write Population Country name.

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